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Secret doors is the team of young, creative and full of energy people. Our knowledge and skills in combination with the most advanced technologies, give you the guarantee of the highest products quality. Using the latest software in design field together with CNC devices, we are able to offer You the highest quality in our field. Furthermore, wanting to achieve our clients’ requirements, we broaden our offer constantly, both in the fields of products and possibilities of our door finish. Cooperation with many foreign companies has allowed us to gain experience in trading partner and individual clients handling independently of their geographical location. Our main motto is clients’ satisfaction. Secret doors system – high, compatible with the wall - is the ideal offer for everybody who looks for innovative solutions in modern interiors arrangement. This product is characterized by modern design, where the door casing is hidden in the wall and becomes its integral part. The project of Secret doors casing is the interpretation of present-day trends, but also the look into the future and opening to new visions – easiness of changes, abilities of individualization is the innovation. We gather our door finish inspirations at every step, which is why we are able to boast about collection of about 800 various materials which can be used in Secret door, starting with glass and finishing with stone. Secret doors system offers a quite new approach to door, which apart from its standard function has gained new possibilities. The door is not only a plain room separation, but also it gives style to the interior. Secret is individualism possible to obtain in every place where it is installed. Secret doors gives the complete solution – the door casing is equipped with all elements, which fulfill their function just from the fitting up to many years Se is the innovative universal applicability in minimalism.

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Secret doors – is high, frequently up to the ceiling door: It is possible thanks to a reinforced construction of the wing, which was prepared specifically for requirements of the high door. The element particularly distinguishing Secret system and affecting its original design is hiding its all complementary elements: door casing, magnetic lock, adjustable hinges, self-closing mechanism and self-falling seal. Regulation of hinges in three levels -3D (it makes it possible to fix the door wing in the door casing), additionally these hinges enables to open the wing in inclination up to 180º (for the door open outwards).

Secret system – thanks to correctly shaped profile, special seals system, lack of aperture between the door casing and the wall, together with the wing thickness of 44 mm.

Secret doors casing – is perfect for fixing both in brick walls and for plaster-cardboard walls. It is made of materials of high damp resistance. Thanks to special aluminum alloy and plastic elements, it is perfect for “wet” rooms, such as: saunas, swimming-pools or bathrooms. The door casing and the wing can be covered with glass, which makes them ideal with the room arrangement.

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